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Lailah’s passion for dance started at the tender age of 5. She began studying ballet, tap and modern jazz, and had her first taste in Oriental dance through a modern jazz instructor that taught an Oriental number as part of her repertoire. As time passed, Lailah began to study other disciplines, such as flamenco and tango. It wasn’t until her younger adult life that Lailah reacquainted herself with the elegance of Oriental dance by going to see a live dance performance.

As her senses were reawakened she carried her dance to the next level! Her absolute fascination with the music, costuming and, most importantly, the subtle essence of the dance moves that led her to study with the masters of Egyptian dance both here and abroad. Most importantly she credits Zahra Zuhair, Sahra Saeeda and Jillina Carlano for contributing to her style and flavor of the beautiful dance.

After years of studying and working on her craft she became part of renowned dance groups such as Po Na Na Theatre Dance Company, Ya Amar and the Ghazella Dance Company. Her exceptional talents have also led her to various film and stage presentations both here and abroad.

In 2007, Lailah launched of her own entertainment agency, Iberian Entertainment. She brings a colorful and exciting array of flamenco, Oriental dance, Latin salsa, East Indian fusion, tango and many other entertainment disciplines to make your event memorable. Lailah states, “As an experienced performer I strive to make every event memorable for my clients by paying attention to the details. I am 100% committed to providing world class entertainment to your function.”

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